Saturday, December 30, 2006

US 1 UN 0
At 0610 Iraqi Standard Time, Saddam Hussein went to the gallows, bringing to a close his fifteen minutes of murderous fame. As expected, no one was happy that this madman had been hanged for crimes against humanity, for rape and torture rooms, for genocide, for bribing the United Nations.

Kurds were angry that he was not executed for what he did to them. Iranians were angry that he was not executed for what he did to them. The Muslim Street is angry that he was executed at Eid ("You can't spell 'die' without 'EID'.") The Vatican was angry that he was executed at all. Senators Ted Kennedy (D-Shitwad) and Joe Biden (D-Fuckwit) will probably be angry that President Bush wasn't hanged with him. People were actually making statements to the effect that it was a tragedy that he did not stand trial for the crimes against their families.

Give me a break. He is dead, and there is a pretty good chance that he will never commit another crime against humanity. Ever.
If it makes the world happy, we can embalm him (like they did with Lenin) and try him again (and again). We can hang him a few more times, too. That way, everyone gets their pound of flesh.

Saddam was tried in an Iraqi Court of Law, with Iraqi judges, Iraqi lawyers. He was convicted, appealed, and was executed, the way that justice should be meted out for a war criminal. Indeed, the ICJ, who spent years (and millions of Euros) trying Dan Milocevic, could learn a valuable lesson from this trial, as could some of the idiot judges (at all levels) in the United States.

If you are still feeling bad for Saddam, then look at it this way: He was a lawyer (Baghdad U, Class of '71), so now there is one fewer in the world; or, you can take solace in the fact that he is, as we speak, cuddling up with the first of the 72 Virginians that are his in Paradise. In other words, the world is a better place since we are down a lawyer (and a war criminal), and Saddam is getting the Mother of All Conjugal Visits.

Allah Akhbar!

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Rob said...

The alternate title of this post was to be "This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun. One Is For Killing, Now I Am Done."

I felt kinda bad for Saddam.

Then, I thought about those Virginians.