Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Interestingly Enough, The Typical Family Tree In Ellsworth, Maine Is A Wreath...

A group of illegals was arrested in Ellsworth, Maine. One produced a Mexican Driving Licence as identification. Three were detained, the rest were let go, and told to return for a hearing. Yeah, right. They'll come back. And I have a $16 billion public works project to sell you. Wait, we already did that.


How stupid is the ICE policy to let suspected illegals go pending a hearing on their status?

We would be much better off if we set up a detention facility--I am thinking something with tents and outdoor plumbing in the backwoods of Maine--where these criminals could be held pending their hearing. After about two weeks, in the dead of winter, Mexico will be looking pretty damn good.

If we are serious about controlling the borders, we must take drastic measures, including fining employers who hire illegals, using the existing database to ensure that social security numbers given by suspected illegals are legitimate (Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) says that this is illegal, and discriminatory), and actually deporting these miscreants.

Round them up, throw them out. Give them a hearing, if you must; but, from my perspective, if they came here illegally, they are criminals and should be treated as such.

I am sure that the money collected from fines could go toward airfare (or busfare) back to their homelands.

And this applies to the frostbacks that crossed the US/Canada border, too.

It has always amazed me that there is such disregard for this issue. Illegal immigrants depress wages for legal workers (and if the Federal Minimum Wage is raised, hiring illegal immigrants will become even more attractive to employers); they commit crimes in tremendous numbers (from driving unregistered and uninsured to rapes and murders); and, they place a burden on the US health care system by going to the emergency room for treatment, as well as the cost to society when they have an anchor baby--a child born here, who is, by default, an American citizen.

If they want to come to America, there is a process to follow, and they should do so. Once here, they should learn to speak English, assimilate into our culture, and be productive members of society. You know, work, pay taxes, drive registered and insured cars.

Otherwise, American citizenship will become worthless.

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