Friday, December 22, 2006

The Only People To Get Screwed Are The Voters Of Durham County...

because it doesn't appear that his stripper/victim in the famed Duke Lacrosse case did.

Well, she did get screwed (by about seven different men, judging by the DNA test results). Unfortunately for Nifong, none of the screwers played lacrosse at Duke University (although each of the seven contributors to the victim's personal sperm bank had sticks and balls). Additionally, his victim changed her story more frequently than Rosie O'Donnell makes stupid and insulting comments.

Nifong said that he didn't have enough evidence to proceed with his rape case, and that he would be dropping the rape charges since the victim was no longer sure whether or not she had been "penetrated" by the Duke students. (And O.J. is no longer sure whether he will ever find Nicole's killers.)

This highlights several problems with rape prosecutions. First, a rape case (especially with a racial tone) gets quickly out of control, with the media driving the case. It is compelling press when a poor black woman is raped by three rich (read white) kids. When they play lacrosse for Duke, the case becomes even more compelling. The black voters of Durham County (and all of the other Townies) were screaming for blood; and, Nifong knew that if he didn't prosecute (in spite of a crappy case with a victim who was not credible and exculpatory DNA evidence) he would lose the best gig that he has ever had.

Clearly, Nifong is a shrewd guy, and he might even be a good lawyer, but he started thinking with his political dick. He didn't want to go back to the dreaded private sector, and re-election was just the ticket. He bowed to the pressure, got re-elected, and now is going to have to reap what he has sowed...until the next election, when he can go to the fuckwitted constituents of Durham County (most of whom probably think that Ted Kennedy (D-Grey Goose) is a great public servant) and say that he didn't knuckle under to those rich and privileged Dukies (all of whom were majoring in smart-ass until this shitwad turned their lives upside down). In other words, as North Carolina becomes more North than Carolina, the chance that Nifong will keep getting re-elected increases exponentially. Hell, if he follow's the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Model, he might end up as Attorney General.

The second problem with rape prosecutions is the victim's background. In reality, it shouldn't matter whether the victim was a tramp; but, this woman clearly tried to play on the sympathies of the black community--and the rest of the Townies--by taking those white boys down a peg. She made up a story, figuring that they would get scared and cut a deal. Instead, they fought back, and she was forced to change her story to fit the ever-more-damning flow of information that was making it plain to the world that she was...less than virtuous. Unfortunately for the world, Nifong was all to willing to play along.

Rape is one of those cases where the woman controls the tenor of the prosecution. She is protected, and since rape is a largely he said/she said crime, the woman need only make the allegation, and there is more likely than not to be criminal prosecution (which can be costly and damaging). Additionally, since the victim's actions are no longer an issue, the fact that the woman wanted one thing, then had buyer's remorse (for instance) is irrelevant (generally speaking) at a trial.

Rape is an awful thing, but in this case, the rape was what Nifong did to the students, the University, and to rape victims in general. In other words, Mike Nifong has made it more difficult for the next victim, who will be scrutinised, questioned, and made to feel like maybe she should have kept quiet (since her sexual history will be openly discussed).

So, now it is nearly over. The government will lose, the stripper is still a tramp (but now, instead of a rape victim, she is a liar and a slut), Duke is seeing 20% fewer applications for early decision, and three young men will be forever scarred by the allegations.

Thank Christ that Nifong finally saw the light.

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Anonymous said...

Ethics charges against Nifong have been filed by the North Carolina State Bar, and he could be disbarred. At least he got re-elected.