Wednesday, May 11, 2011


A Moat? That Sounds Good.
President Obama, feeling empowered after leading the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, spoke to a group of Latino voters (some legal, some...not so much), telling them that he was the man who got Osama, and that he was the man who would recreate a Mexican paradise here in America. (If only those wascally Wepublicans would cooperate.)

Saying that he wanted immigration reform, and that he had single-handedly secured the border, he mocked those who are demanding completion of the border fence, deportation of illegal immigrants, and troops on the border to stem the tide of illegals.

"Maybe they'll need a moat," the President said. "Maybe they'll want alligators in the moat," the President remarked, in response to peals of laughter.

Which brings The Lifeguard to what we, as Americans, need and want.

First, we want a secure border. Not only does a crime occur every time an illegal immigrant crosses our border, those individuals do enormous damage to the United States. They carry drugs, weapons, and disease. They bring baby factories into the United States, women who will crank out "anchor babies," born in US hospitals, draining the resources of an already over-burdened health care system. (And, with policies that lean toward keeping families together, these babies provide a basis for leaving the illegal parents here in America.) Additionally, these illegals buy documents, obtain driving licences, and (probably) vote in our elections. (After all, no one seriously checks identification at polling places.) Finally, they take jobs (albeit crappy ones) from Americans, who are desperate for employment.

Second, we like law and order. By granting a "path to citizenship" to people who are illegally in the United States, the administration spits on those who are going about the immigration process legally. Now, if all of the illegals would leave and reapply, then maybe The Lifeguard will get on board.

Finally, using an ethnic group as a pawn for re-election smacks of the worst kind of racism. The kind of racism decried by President Obama (and Democrat politicians). By purchasing their votes, on the backs of the rest of us, the value of American citizenship is cheapened. The future of America is made more grim.

So, before we get ahead of ourselves on immigration reform, could we get a quote on that moat?

Monday, May 02, 2011


Admit It. You've Missed The Lifeguard.
Dateline, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden is still dead.

And while President Obama gave the order to take down the leader of Al Qaeda, the intelligence from the facility at Guantanamo Bay was integral to making it all happen.

So, The Lifeguard gives special thanks to Presidents Bush and Obama. (The former for opening the detention facility, the latter for keeping it in operation.) More importantly, The Lifeguard thanks the men and women of our armed services, as well as the men of Seal Team Six, for helping bin Laden keep his appointment with Allah.

Oh, and for the record, "There is no 'Seal Team Six.'"

A few more thoughts.

Isn't there a bit of irony that Pope John Paul II was beatified on the same day that Osama assumed room temperature? Can't we just give JP II credit for this "miracle"?

Why can a morbidly obese policeman stop The Lifeguard for speeding? The Lifeguard can't stop him from eating donuts. (And, The Lifeguard pays for his motherhumping insurance.) Seriously, The Lifeguard understands that some people struggle with their weight; but, when a 6' tall cop weighs over 300 pounds, and can't fasten his seat belt because he can't get it over his stomach, he is too damn fat.

$4.25 for gasoline? And all the while, oil and gas drilling permits are being held up by the EPA. Seriously? If the United States is not going to grab some oil in Libya and Iraq, then we should be grabbing it here at home. And, if you think gasoline prices are bad here, check out Germany. Yes, it is true that there is a lag between exploration and drilling; but, the mere issuance of a statement about increased drilling has the effect of lowering oil prices. It's happened in the past. It can happen again.

Why does any toll road have pot holes? The state collects the money for that reason, so why isn't it used for repairs. (Maybe it goes to pay toll takers?) It would make so much more sense to take down the tolls, give every driver a FastLane (or EZ Pass) and charge them accordingly.

Will the next Royal Wedding get as much press as the last one? Does anyone care?



Training A SEAL Team: Classified

Running A Black Op: Classified

Killing OBL With A Head Shot: Priceless