Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Lawyers make their living with words, and sometimes, people say things that are just plain ignorant. These people are often not stupid, and they still don't understand that using big words improperly is actually worse than using little words improperly.

Some of my favorites:

Agreeance: To agree, or to reach an accord, as in law.

"So, since we are in agreeance, we can proceed with completing the transaction."

Comment: Okay, who the hell would even think that this is a word? I have heard it on at least one occasion, in the context above. The person who used the word was a relatively well-educated chap who was trying to put a little gloss on his oral skills. Dumbass.

Irregardless: The same as regardless, dipshit. The fact that this word is now in the dictionary is actually pretty damned frightning because it means that the folks at Webster's decided to punt rather than to take the hard line and say that there is no such word. The use of "irregardless" is a sign of serious verbal-skill issues. Don't ever say it, please. I can not believe that anyone in their right mind thinks that "irregardless" is actually a word.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Illegal Immigration

May Day! May Day!

Today was the official Illegal Aliens Do No Work Day, or some nonsense. Interesting that people who allegedly have jobs can sneak away in the middle of the day to march around Boston and other major US cities, snarling traffic, chanting slogans in foreign tongues, and generally pissing off those who work for a living. Let's not even discuss the fact that these people are protesting for the right to break the law. What's next? Pedophiles from NAMBLA marching for the right to molest young boys? Bank robbers marching for the right to take some money out of the vault?

Let us evaluate, from a purely practical point of view.

First, these people are here illegally. Regardless of their worth as human beings, or their contribution to the economy, they are committing a crime. To simply turn the other cheek is to validate some forms of illegal (or unlawful) behavior. If we were serious about enforcement, which is the only sure way to stem the tide of illegal aliens, we would have arrested the folks who showed up to protest, then sorted out the ones who were here legally, while shipping the others back to the third world hellholes from whence they came.

Second, they are spitting in the faces of the immigrants who came here lawfully. The ones who stood in line and got their right to be in this country validated by the government. We don't tolerate people who cut in front of us at Starbucks, why should we tolerate those who cut in line to be here, in America.

Finally, there is no excuse for lawmakers to pander to these people. They don't vote. Hell, they can't vote. And, more to the point, why do we need more laws, another amnesty, when the government doesn't enforce the present laws? (While this is a rhetorical question, I will answer it: "It is to make it look like these idiots are doing something.")

As a consequence of these selfish idiots, I was forced to spend more money to park becuase I couldn't get out of the parking garage. Instead of creating sympathy, it made people (including me) less concerned with their situation. In fact, my unscientific poll produced the following results: For illegal immigrants: 0 Opposed to illegal immigrants: 10. I would note that five of the ten were foreign, which is to say, people who are now in the legal economy.

The bottom line, illegal immigrants are breaking the law. And, does anyone else find it interesting that they chose May Day, a communist holiday, to protest?