Saturday, April 28, 2012

Even Utah Knows.

The Lifeguard Is One Of Utah's Treasures
And, Dan Liljenquist, Senator Orrin Hatch's 2012 primary challenger, takes a minute to talk about The Lifeguard to the media.

Yeah, The Lifeguard remembers when Senator Hatch was elected (back in 1976).  The Lifeguard might have even held a sign, handed out fliers, or encouraged folks to vote for Hatch.  But, that was 36 years ago, when Orrin Hatch was a young(er) man, filled with piss and vinegar.  Back when he was replacing a two-term Democrat.  

And, frankly, six terms later, it's kind of the same thing.

Senator Hatch is a great man, and a fine legislator.  He has worked to find compromise, and was a friend of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  (That, alone, is reason enough to vote Hatch out of office, in The Lifeguard's opinion.)  But, face it, 36 years is a long time, and maybe it's time to retire.  (Or, be retired.)

It's funny, but in major league politics--as found in the U.S. Senate--they never know when to go.  (And, their constituents are often too corrupt--or too stupid--to cashier them.)  Senators get caught up in the pomp and circumstance, the power, and the fact that winning an election makes them experts on any and all subjects.  And, so it is with Senator Hatch.  

The beauty of it all is that Liljenquist is much of what Senator Hatch once was.  Smart (3.9 GPA at BYU), tough, and energetic.  The only negative is that he may be ignorant of the U.S. Constitution (if he had President Obama as a Con Law professor at the University of Chicago).

So, if you are in Utah, take a look at Dan Liljenquist.  He's a good man; and, he's spreading the word about The Lifeguard.

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