Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Damn skippy!

"Oh, About This Big."

Senator Putzhead (D-NY), was asked about The Lifeguard's most recent visit to the Senate steam room.

"I was walking past, on Ladies Day, and I heard someone gasp," Putzhead said.

Schumer remarked, "I thought someone was dying, so I opened the door and looked through the steam.  I walked in, and...you know.  Wow!  The damn thing could have put my eye out.  And, the ladies, they thought I was looking at them; but, I wasn't."  (If you've seen Senators Snow and Collins lately, you know what Ol' Putzhead is talking about.  And Senator Stabenow?  Yikes!)  

"The Lifeguard is magnificent," the senator said.

"Now, if only I can figure out a way to tax it," commented Schumer.  "It's not fair to the other 99.99%."

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