Friday, April 20, 2012

It wasn't The Lifeguard.

Injured In An Accident?
Proving once more that Australia is the most awesome country in the Southern Hemisphere, a woman injured while having sex (while on a business trip for her government employer) was awarded workers' compensation benefits.

After meeting a friend for dinner, they adjourned to her hotel room, where one thing led to another.  Eventually, she was being railed by her friend, and a glass light fixture came away from the wall, causing her serious permanent injury.  (The light fixture was not the only thing that came away from the wall.)

The court ruled that getting a good rogering was a lawful recreational incident, in the same vein as showering, sleeping, or playing cards.  As such, any injuries sustained while having her brains fucked out were covered by the workers' compensation statute.

Usually, the worker gets screwed on comp.  She got screwed and got comp.

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