Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And Then There Were Three...

Well, four, but Congressman Ron Paul (R-Ob/Gyn) doesn't really count.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani quit today. Then, he threw his support behind the anti-Constitutional Vietnam War Veteran (and former POW), Senator John Sidney McCain, III (R-AZ).

Then, earlier tonight, the four remaining Republican contenders squared off in a debate at the Reagan Presidential Library.

It was a chance for the candidates to make their cases (again), before the Super Tuesday Primaries next Tuesday (duh!).

Governor Mitt Romney and Senator McCain demonstrated the width and depth of their loathing for each other; and, Governor Mitt seemed to come off looking smarter, better qualified, and less petulant than Senator McCain. Indeed, the Senator's retorts were described as "snarky" by the men and women watching the debate.

McCain denigrated Romney's experience in the business world, saying that he was a "leader," and that he could hire bean-counters (like Romney). He again mis-stated and distorted Romney's positions; and, he fell back on his ability to garner bi-partisan support (from his friends, like Senators Lieberman, Clinton and Kennedy).

He showed his ignorance of the real world, and his lack of Conservative Republican credentials.

He also reaffirmed the old saw that, when confronted with the choice between the Democrat and the Democrat, they will vote for the Democrat.

The Lifeguard declares a winner of tonight's debate to be...Governor Mitt Romney!

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