Monday, January 14, 2008

The Lifeguard Isn't About To Vote For...

Senator John Sidney McCain (R?-AZ).

Without going into too much detail, I note the following reasons to not vote for Senator McCain:

First, lest anyone forget, he is the consummate Washington D.C. insider. And, the only member of the Keating Five to not lose his job. Having escaped the hangman's noose, he got religion about campaign financing, and took--along with Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI)--a massive dump on the Constitution. As a result of his misguided legislation, it is now illegal for groups to run issue ads that specifically mention a(n incumbent) candidate. Instead of calling this abortion McCain-Feingold, it should have been called, "Fuck the public and let us keep our jobs."

Second, Senator McCain is a little too close to Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-AA Meeting), especially when it comes to illegal...wait...undocumented aliens. He is for amnesty. Even though he calls it something else. What a fucktard. He represents a state that is drowning in illegal aliens; and, which has just passed a severe anti-illegal law. I want a president who is for American Citizens, not American wannabes. He also was a member of the Gang of Fourteen, who obstructed the appointment of the judicial nominees of President G.W. Bush.

Third, the good Senator is a little too old for my taste. Not old in a former President Reagan way. Old in a "Holy shit, look at that guy's face" way. Like he went ten rounds with Mike Tyson. He's got skin cancers...and the demons of having been tortured by the North Vietnamese.

Which brings me to fourth. He is soft on the treatment of terrorists. No waterboarding for Senator McCain (even though he probably went through something like it when he went through Escape and Evasion Training). I would expect someone who wore a uniform, and was treated in a way that violated the Geneva Conventions to understand that people who do not wear a uniform are not protected by the Geneva Conventions. Further, I would expect this chap to understand that sometimes, torture works. (e.g., Khalid Sheikh Mohammed)

And, finally, while he has been anti-tax increase, he did vote against the Bush Tax Relief...twice. I don't care for any candidate who wants to send more of my money to Washington, D.C.--even if he claims that he voted against the cuts because there weren't corresponding budget cuts.

So, one down, a bunch more to go.

Over the next few days, The Lifeguard will give you the straight skinny on the candidates. You know, so you can make an informed decision on the man (or woman) for whom you will vote.

*For those of you in Massachusetts, you have until January 16th, 2008, to register to vote in the February 5th, 2008 Presidential Primary. Either go to your local city (or town) offices; or, download this form and deliver it, by Wednesday, to the clerk's office.

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