Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Lifeguard Does Not Heart Huckabee

Yet another fat douche from Arkansas. From Hope, Arkansas, to be precise.

Governor Huckabee is a lot of things, and a smart, driven man; but, he has about as much business running the United States of America as did the last Arkansan who ran for the highest office in the land.

I am troubled by three things:

First, he is something of a stealth candidate. A man who has hidden his record; and, who gets exercised when it is mentioned. I note that he has made petulant remarks to both Senator Fred Thompson and Governor Mitt Romney (who won the Michigan Primary on this night). He criticised Governor Romney's religion (playing on fears that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a cult). And, most recently, Governor Huckabee took a dig at Governor Romney, when faced with a crying child.

Second, he is a media darling; and, if a mainstream newspaper is endorsing Governor Huckabee, then he is not for me. As near as I can tell, he is more of a McCain Republican than a Reagan Republican.

He lacks skill as a chief executive, he has some tolerance for illegal immigration, and he has been a mixed bag on taxes (though he supports the "Fair Tax") and crime. Hell, even Bill Clinton was willing to execute a retard or two to show he was a law-and-order guy.

Finally, in spite of the fact that he has the support of Chuck Norris, I am (personally) troubled that he is an ordained Baptist* minister. Not because he is a religious man; but, because he has gone the extra step to become ordained. This, in my mind, is of greater concern than whether Governor Romney is LDS, or that Mayor Giuliani is a Roman Catholic.

Oh, and I doubt that anyone outside of the United States would take a Huckabee Administration seriously. Too much like that shitty movie.

*Ed. Note: I remember this (Baptist) girl asking me if I felt bad about the fact that I wasn't a Christian. I told her that I was Roman Catholic, and she said, "[w]ell, it's not the same thing." I have probably judged Baptists unfairly because of this vapid chick; but, I get the feeling that--with Baptists--it is not the exception, it is the rule.

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dawne said...

I was raised in the Baptist Church and I could tell you some horror stories.