Monday, January 07, 2008


Hillary! does it again...and gets a free pass from the mainstream media. Today...on Today (with Matt Lauer)...Hillary! noted that Senator B. Hussein Obama (who hopes to be America's second black president) "...hasn't done the spadework necessary to be president."

Maybe The Lifeguard (and Rush Limbaugh) are making too much of this; but, I don't think so.

She went on to talk about how Governor Bill Richardson, an Hispanic, keeps his house spic and span; and how she once "Jewed down" Connecticut Senator Joey Lieberman at a garage sale.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned it. A few bloggers have, too. The major news organs, however, have decided to let it slide. Sort of like when she recalled that Ghandi ran a convenience store in St. Louis.

In other news, Hillary!'s husband, the first black President of the United States, said that he was unable to make Hillary! "...younger, taller, male." He did, however, tell a chunky college girl working on Hillary!'s campaign that he could "...make her see Jesus."

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The Lifeguard said...

As an aside, if Hillary! gets out of the race (which she won't), at least there will be another woman in the hunt for the Democrat nomination.

That woman--who is just as shrill and annoying as Hillary!--former Senator John Edwards.