Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Clintons Are Pretty Amazing!

They seem to be on the cutting edge of historic events. Hillary! is named for the beekeeper from New Zealand, Sir Edmund Hillary, who scaled Mt. Everest. The only problem: She was born almost six years before Sir Edmund conquered Everest.

Hillary! said that her daughter, Chelsea, witnessed the planes fly into the World Trade Centers while she was out for a run. Except for the fact that she was on Park Avenue South. Miles from the attacks.

Former President, Bill (the only elected president to be impeached), witnessed black churches burning in Arkansas. Except, he didn't.

Now, on the eve of Hillary!'s victory in the Nevada Caucuses, Bill (and Chelsea) say that they witnessed voter suppression. Except, it seems that there is no evidence that they did. (There were some reports that Sir Edmund Hillary--once, a beekeeper--released a shit-load of bees into the HVAC system of the MGM Grand.)

The former First Family; victims, one and all.

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