Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a Tool

Senator John Sidney McCain, III Says He's Sorry.

Bill Cunningham, a Cincinnati-area chat show host, referred to Senator B. Hussein Obama, using his middle name, "Hussein."

This happened while he was introducing Senator McCain at a campaign rally.

Afterwards, Senator McCain apologised, and said that he respected and admired the putative Democrat nominee. Even if he wears a dress.

Let's analyse the facts, shall we?

Senator Barack Hussein Obama is named for his father, Barack Hussein Obama, a Kenyan Muslim. Senator B. Hussein Obama's middle name is actually "Hussein."

What's the problem? President John Kennedy was John F. Kennedy. President George Bush is George W. Bush. President Richard Nixon was Richard Milhous Nixon.

People are often identified using their middle names, and Senator McCain should have recognised that. But, he can't. Because he is a tool.

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