Friday, February 29, 2008

I Missed The Memo....

The one that advised the entire heterosexual world that the Mazda Miata was the quintessential gay ride.

As an unrepentant straight guy, you can imagine my chagrin when, a decade after I dumped the Miata, I heard from someone that the diminutive Mazda was so gay that just riding in the car could make a man long for another man. To make the driver want to take that long ride to Brokeback Mountain.

What the hell did I know? It was a fun car. Inexpensive transport, with nice tight handling and a firm ride. (Apparently something that some men look for in other men. Who knew?)

Perfect for New England, where we have a few months of reliably warm weather, followed by nine months of brutally unpredictable and shitty weather. I never drove it in the snow, though I did take it out a few times in December.

Like the Triumph that my dad owned, the Mazda looked better with the top down than up. It had a nice exhaust note. It was fun to drive. It was basic.

Unlike the Trumpet, it always started (no vapour lock in this one). It had a good heater. It did not have an electrical system by Lucas (The "Prince of Darkness").

For the record, I am not playing for the other team. Not now, not ever.

Oh, and my Miata never had a bumper sticker. Ever.

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