Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Dirty Tricks

"Which Way To The Ovaries?"

In another blast from the past, The Lifeguard remembers the picture of Presidential hopeful, Senator John Forbes Kerry-Heinz (D-MA). You know, the picture of the junior Senator from Massachusetts (who served in Vietnam), crawling through Rosie O'Donnell's left fallopian tube.

Actually, it was the right.

Campaign manager, Mary Beth Cahill, called the release of the photograph "...a dirty trick."

Funnily enough, Senator B. Hussein Obama (who never served in Vietnam) has called Hillary!'s release of the picture of him in the African dress (really, it's a dress) a dirty trick. And others seem to be on to the fact that Hillary! might just be a racist.

Really, Barry. May I call you Barry? Until you are the President--when you have an excuse for wearing dopey-looking local garb--you had better think twice about having cameras around when you are visiting NASA, Fort Knox (where there are tanks--and tank helmets), or Somalia (or whatever God-forsaken Third World toilet you were in when you put on that dress).

Otherwise, deal with it.

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