Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama Ohemama*

Last night, Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) gave a speech in Wisconsin, punctuating the smackdown that he gave to his opponent, Senator Hillary! Rodham Clinton (D-NY).

In the speech, he made several points, including then need to raise the minimum wage (to make the employment of illegal aliens--for low wages--all the more attractive), his promise to get Americans out of Iraq (so that we can send troops to Darfur to end the genocide), and the knock against capitalism that we expect from the Democrat candidate (and the brother of Fidel Castro).

My favourite part of the speech, however, was when he thanked his mama. He talked about how she reared him after his father screwed, when he was two. How she nurtured him.

Now, every crack-smoking, baby-making woman who cranks out a kid with a funky name will think that she can raise a future senator, or Presidential candidate.

The more important lesson, the one that is lost on most of America, is that kids who grow up with only one parent (who is usually not as educated as Obama's mama) have a tough go of it. Things are more difficult when the parent has no back-up (and the child has no father-figure).

Indeed, Obama is the exception to the rule. An exceptionally bright man (Occidental College and Columbia for undergraduate, Harvard for law school), with the magnetism of a rock star and the oratory skills of a preacher at a tent revival. He made it, against incredible odds.

And now, a man with no useful experience is just one election away from the White House, in large part because of his life.

Obama can't offer the executive experience of Governor Romney; but, he can offer hope. He can not offer the first-hand White House experience as Senator Clinton; but, he can offer change. He can not demonstrate the legislative record of Senator McCain; but, he does offer words.

Just words.

*Obama owes his mama.

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