Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hillary! Hates Hookers...

Even while her campaign serves as a high-profile political pimp.

First, MSNBC's David Shuster gets suspended for being so bold as to speak the truth.

Really, all he said was that the Clinton Campaign was using Chelsea to put a pretty face on things. To charm the crowds, to collect the money, and to screw America. (At least with a hooker, you might get a kiss first.)

Then, today, Hillary! said that Chelsea (and those like her) are not doing any real work.

Chelsea felt the pimp hand, and the pimp hand was strong.

I can hear it now:

Hillary: "Bitch, get out there and raise me some money."

Bill: "Yes, dear."

Hillary: "Chelsea, when you gonna git a job? A real job. A gummint job. None o' dis hedge-fund shit."

Chelsea: "Mom, I work."


Hillary: "Feel the sting of my pimp hand. Now git yo bony ass out there and git me some mo' money and some mo' votes. He'p make momma da President."

Good times. Good times.

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