Monday, January 22, 2007


I am not a Patriots fan. Never have been, never will be. I just didn't think that it was cricket to hop on the bandwagon when they got good. Likewise, it didn't seem right to bail on my beloved Dolphins when they went to shit.

So, the Patriots blew an 18 point lead, losing to the Indianapolis Colts. The media spin this as a Colts comeback. I say that it is a choke-job, plain and simple.

The Colts obviously came to play. The Patriots...well...they expected that the Colts (and Peyton Manning) would not be able to win the big game. They never had been able to follow through, and it seemed that a repeat was in the offing.

But, like the OSU Buckeyes, the Patriots read the clippings, thought that the Colts would just roll over and die. Instead, the Colts just kept on charging, never giving a loss a second thought.

So, the Colts versus Da Bears in the Super Bowl.

The pick, right here, right now: Colts win, 31-30.

And somewhere, for Peyton Manning, someone will be playing Rocky Top.

I hate that fucking song.

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