Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Brent and Petey,
sitting in a tree,

I watched SC dismantle U of M in the Rose Bowl, and I took away two things. First, SC hates to be called SC. Therefore, I am going to call SC, SC. Second, Brent Musberger is in love with SC coach, Pete Carroll. He wants to marry Pete Carroll, he wants to have Pete Carroll's baby. He wants to loudly proclaim how much he loves Pete Carroll. Wait, he already did that, on national television.

It was so bad that I went searching for the U of M broadcast team, on the internet. Instead, I got ESPN Radio, and more Brent Musberger.

Then, in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, I watched (and listened) to the broadcast team professing their love for OU. I was sickened, especially as Boise State looked to pull off one of the greatest chokes in sporting history, at the OU love-fest. (Though I had to laugh when, at one point, the announcer said that "[Barry] Alvarez and [Charles] Davis were banging in the booth.")

But, Boise State pulled off the upset, scoring the game-tying touchdown with 7 seconds remaining, after an amazing 4th and 18 play that saw a quick reception and lateral to complete the score. Then, Boise State went for the two-point conversion, in OT, to win the contest.

13-0 Boise State, winner of the WAC (a non-BCS conference), and the only other major undefeated team, now waits for the Florida v. Ohio State game. If Florida pulls off the upset, then Boise State, at 13-0, should be the National Champion. If Ohio State wins, then Boise State should share in the title.

Of course, this won't happen, and Boise State is destined for the asterisk, like BYU, in 1984.

A final note about this topic. Tonight, Wake Forest takes on Louisville in the Orange Bowl; and, according to the chattering skulls, they will get embarrassed.

First, they are in the Orange Bowl because they won the ACC Championship, by beating a tough Georgia Tech team in a defensive battle. At the very least, the same defense will show up tonight. Second, they didn't get to the Orange Bowl because someone felt bad for Wake Forest, the third smallest Division I football school. They got there because they played well all season, playing tough teams that went to bowl games. Finally, in this age of "Any Given Saturday," they are at least equal to Louisville (just as Boise State was up to the challenge of beating OU).

So, tonight, I will be pulling for the Deacs. Don't bother me.

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