Tuesday, January 02, 2007

3-3 With 8:30 Remaining In The Second Quarter

Brent Musberger is apparently writing the copy for the people in the booth, who are apparently trying to get into Louisville Coach, Bobby Petrino's pants. I know this to be true because they are saying the same things about Petrino that Musberger said about SC's Pete Carroll. (Have I mentioned that they hate to be called "SC"?)

"This isn't the way we thought that this game was going to go down."

No shit, fuckwit. You thought it was going to be 21-zip about now, with all of you idiots ranting that Wake didn't deserve to play in the Orange Bowl. The so-called experts were picking Wake to finish last in the ACC.

So, as Wake moves the ball, after a fashion, and keeps it close, we at least acquit ourselves well.

Oh, and Go Deacs!

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