Monday, January 08, 2007

34-14 At The End Of The First Half?

The University of Florida Gators are kicking the ever-loving crap out of a highly over-rated OSU squad. Sweet.

I note that on, the highly unscientific poll showed something like 66% of some 725,000 answering the survey thought that OSU would win. I, on the other hand, am a contrarian.

I noted that OSU never really stopped U of M, they just scored more points against an equally porous defence.

I also noted that you can not spell "Ohio State Sucks" without OSU. And while the denizens of Columbus may wipe their asses with wolverine fur, the Gators are showing the world why they are the team most deserving of a shot at a shared national championship (with undefeated Boise State).

Go Gators!

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Christopher King said...


I liked it when the Buckeyes lost every now and then, even though I am from Cleveland. See, Cleveland is not Columbus, even though the Columbus football squad is probably better than Cleveland's pro squad.

Anyway, here is an ode to Columbus I just sent former School board Superintendent Rosa Smith:


To all,

Please note that school districts throughout the United States are developing and maintaining open forums for public participation. The Nashua, NH public school board's policy committee unanimously agrees with my contention that viewpoint and content-based restrictions during public comment is Unconstitutional.

I am fortunate to be on the leading edge of this activity, as I was in Columbus, Ohio nearly ten (10) years ago during Dr. Smith's tenure.

In fact, the direct link for the video from that timeframe is right here in the first Justiceforkids video. In this post, Ohio State University Professor of History Mark Grimsley calls it "fascinating."

I think you will, too.

Peace and best wishes for a safe and open New Year.

Christopher King, J.D.


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