Friday, January 20, 2012


South Carolina Debate Recap
The CNN-sponsored Republican debate happened last night, and it was a pleasure to watch.  As always, The Lifeguard has a few thoughts about the big show, and how it affects the upcoming South Carolina Primary.

  • South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, is easy on the eyes.
  • John King, the CNN moderator was not terrible.  (He wasn't good, either; but, he was not terrible.)  Also, King wasn't sweating like a pig, as George Stephanopoulos was a few weeks ago.
  • The first question was about Marianne Gingrich--to Newt--and what comment he had about her interview.  Yeah, a weighty question about shit that Americans really want to know.  Seriously?  When has the ex (who is the veteran of a bitter divorce) ever been an honest broker about anything?  (And, frankly, Marianne Gingrich is a bitter looking woman looking for her fifteen minutes of fame.  The Lifeguard can almost hear her screaming, "I could have been the First Lady!")
  • Rick Santorum talks about his bona fides.  Yet, he couldn't get re-elected to the US a mother-humping incumbent.  (Proving the old saw, "When given the choice between the Democrat and the Democrat, the people will vote for the Democrat every time.)
  • Santorum says that he doesn't want the Republican nominee to be a person who the voters worry about "...what he'll say."  (The Lifeguard doesn't want the Republican nominee to be a) a loser who can't win a statewide re-election campaign, who b) wears sweater vests, and c) who has a Google problem.)  
  • Rick Santorum is a decent fellow, but he can't win.  (At least the other Rick knew when to fold 'em.)
  • Mitt Romney should release his freaking tax returns.  The Lifeguard can't help but think that this is his Birth Certificate Moment, and if he simply releases the returns, he'll shut up a lot of his detractors.
  • Ron Paul is crazy.  But, the Republicans marginalise him at their peril.  He speaks for more than just the party.  He speaks for a movement.  
  • Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney can sound petulant, pedantic, and (in some instances) downright mean.  
  • Newt is very good.  He knows...well...everything.  The Lifeguard can't imagine a situation where he'll be tripped up on the facts.  (His mess of a personal life?  Perhaps.  Issues?  Never.)
  • Newt has the best line of the night.  "Elect Republicans, and we’ll help your kids move out, get a job and get their own health insurance."
  • Newt and Romney are running neck and neck.  Romney, however, is coming off a bad performance Monday night (in which the lighting made his hands look positively evil) and an equally flat performance last night.  Newt, on the other hand, is surging, coming off a strong Monday debate.  He did nothing to disrupt the surge, either, coming off as the clear winner last night.
  • Jon Huntsman still has hot daughters, even if he looks like Barney Fife.
  • The Lifeguard kind of missed Rick Perry.  Kind of.

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