Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Reminds The Lifeguard of a joke.

Take Back The Land!
Massachusetts Democrat Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren (a/k/a Fauxcahontas), mother of the Occupy Movement, teacher of one class at Harvard Law School, and the first woman to ever breast-feed during the New Jersey Bar Exam gets caught in one more embarrassing situation.  (Well, embarrassing if she had any shame.)

It seems that years after the white man took Warren's ancestor's tribal lands, the dsitaff Ward Churchill got even by buying and flipping foreclosed properties, often for a significant profit.  And, she who has railed against the excessive power and predatory lending practices of big banks, got the advantage of no-interest loans (from Harvard) and gave loans (at higher rates of interest) to her family members.

So, Elizabeth Warren and Alan Dershowitz walk into Foxwoods, and they are immediately surrounded by hundreds of angry braves, armed with tomahawks, rifles, and knives.

Dershowitz turns to Warren and says, "I think we're in trouble, Elizabeth."

She replies, "What you mean 'we', white man?"

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