Friday, March 23, 2012

What a tool...

The Audacity of the Dope
When it comes to the most transparent administration in history, one thing is glaringly obvious:  This guy is a douche.  (He's still not a Muslim; but, he's a world-class douche.)

You want health care?  We've got your health care...for a couple hundred billion dollars more than we told you when we were trying to sell you the plan.  (But, what's a hundred billion among friends?)  Praise the lord!  We have universal care!  Insurance costs more, but everyone has it.  Yay!

Oh, and think of all of the money we'll save when we start giving women free contraception and aborting unborn children.  (And, since many of those aborted children may have had special needs, the nation is saving real money.)

Energy costs too high?  Don't like $5.00 a gallon gas?  Well, shut the fuck up.  Gas costs $9.00 a gallon in Germany.  Plus, this administration has authorised more drilling than all other administrations combined.  And, has permitted the construction of enough pipeline to encircle the world.  (He won't let one cross the US/Canada border; but, he's all over the rest of the pipelines.)  Solyndra? Not his fault.  It was those pesky Chinese (and Republicans) that caused Solyndra (and all of the other alternative energy companies) to shit the bed. 

Sure, America is producing more petroleum products than ever before; but, we are doing it with diminished refining capacity (with no new refineries on the horizon) and an infrastructure that is severely overtaxed.  Ethanol in fuel (instead of the dreaded MTBE) is a sop to agribusiness, and yields little more than higher food prices (since there is less corn for food production).  Maybe Congress could ditch tariffs on ethanol (so we could import cheaper Brazilian ethanol)?  Maybe methanol?  (Cars can run on methanol.)

If everyone would just buy a fucking Volt, then the high cost of gassing up at the pump would be a memory.  (Unfortunately, the people who can afford a Volt don't mind dropping a C-note to fill their cars with petrol.)

President Obama has burned bridges with our allies (e.g., Israel and Britain) and has built "bridges to nowhere" with others (e.g., Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and Syria).

The only thing that The Lifeguard can get behind with this administration is that President Obama plays a lot of golf.  Of course, it's easy for him since he is:  a) The leader of the free world; and, b) his wife is always on holiday.

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