Monday, March 26, 2012

The good old days...

The last few times The Lifeguard has flown, he has found that the male flight attendants look more like Cheryl than the female ones.  (And, as y'all know, The Lifeguard doesn't play for that team.)

Oh, for the good old days, when flight attendants--while professional--were also something to look at.  Not the collection of "...gays, grannies, and grandes..." that work the not so friendly skies.  

And, based upon the body composition of about 80% of the female flight attendants that The Lifeguard has encountered on his last few trips, there is some question as to whether or not they could squeeze through an emergency exit, let alone get down the aisle.

Frankly, The Lifeguard does not understand the elimination of weight restrictions of flight attendants.  The Lifeguard can't play in the NFL (too old, too small), the NBA (too short), or the MLB (can't hit a curve to save his life). These are all occupations that require fitness and strength, so why not in an occupation where lives might be put in jeopardy when a flight attendant is too old, too fat (or both) to perform her (or his) job functions in an emergency.

But, since The Lifeguard doesn't make the hiring decisions at Crash Landia; and, since The Lifeguard can get out of the over-wing exit door, he supposes that he'll just have to take what he can get.  (Which, twenty years ago, was the lav...right after take-off.)

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