Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's over, Johnny.

The Southern Strategy
Today, voters in Alabama and Mississippi go to the polls to cast their vote for the Republican challenger best suited to defeat President Obama in November.  The front-runner, Governor Mitt Romney ("I was for catfish and grits before I was against them, but after I had them, I was for them again.") hopes to deliver a knockout blow to Newt and former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum.  Oh, and Congressman Ron Paul.  Beating him, too.

It may be that the South does get behind Mitt, having bought the hype that he is the front-runner, the anointed Republican.  (It also may be that Mitt comes off as just another carpetbagging Yankee who will say anything to get elected.)

Of course, the big knock on Mittens is that he is rich and out of touch with the common man.  (Not that President Obama is all that in touch with the common man...unless he works for Solyndra, was a Black Panther, or a member of a public sector union.)  But, then again, he is rich and out of touch with the common man.  (How else to explain his love of catfish and cheesy grits.)

The story is developing, and The Lifeguard will be here, with analysis, commentary, and thoughts about the two University of Alabama coeds who are working on The Lifeguard's staff.

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