Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dear God, please let...


In a moment of weakness, I dated a woman who went to Dook University. One night, we went to a Dook v. University of Miami basketball game (pre-UM entering the ACC), and had a meal before the game. A friend, who was at Dook Divinity School offered a prayer over the meal, which concluded with the following words: "May Dean Smith and the University of North Carolina basketball team die in a fiery bus crash."

I was horrified. (Yes, there is a line, even for The Lifeguard.)

But, sitting here watching the Number 1 Dook Blue Devils play Number 4 Wake Forest (at the Joel), I can kind of see his point of view.

Not only am I frustrated by the poor officiating (which cuts both ways), I am angry with (at least one of the) announcers. Dick Vitale, who is proof positive that there is no justice in the world, is so far up Mike Krzyzewski's ass that he can tell you what Coach K had for supper yesterday...without asking.

But, Wake is leading at the half, 33-28, so I am (for the time being) not beating my kids, breaking random shit, or screaming obscenities into the ether.

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