Thursday, January 08, 2009


I Hate Boston College!

For several reasons...

First, they are the primary rival for my Boston University Terriers (in Hockey East) and my Wake Forest Demon Deacons (in ACC action, if only because I live in a place with a heavy concentration of BC graduates...and wannabes).

Second, BC alumni are obnoxious. The joke, how do you find the Boston College graduate in a roomful of people?* is eerily true.

Finally, well, I can not remember what the other reason is; but, I am sure that if you wait a minute, I can tell you.

So, last night, the lowly Harvard Crimson journeyed out Commonwealth Avenue to play Boston College, the 17th ranked team in the land (based in large part on their stunning upset of the then-top-ranked North Carolina Tar Heels).

And, the Crimson won--with five white (or, at least, light) guys--82-70, stunning the Conte Forum crowd.

It was sweet. And, for a minute, I lived the old saw, "My two favourite teams are Boston University/Villanova University/Wake Forest University (my three NCAA Division I alma maters, in alphabetical order), and whoever is playing Boston College."

*Just wait a minute, he'll tell you.

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