Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yeah, baby!

If Wake Forest Isn't Number One...

I will have an effing thrombo.

Dook, Wake Forest's cross-state rival, and present Number Two, did manage to beat Number Twelve, Georgetown; but, Dook lost to Michigan back on December 6th.

Wake Forest, on the other hand, is the nation's only unbeaten Division I team (following the Louisville upset of Pitt).

Wake beat Carolina (ugly), pounded Boston College (at Conte), and lit up Clemson, at Littlejohn. Wake Forest is the real deal, and there is no reason (other than the basketball press corps sucks up to Dook) that Wake Forest isn't the new Number One.*

*Of course, the University of Utah went undefeated in football, and they got screwed.

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The Lifeguard said...

Number One, baby!

Number One!