Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tasteless Costume...

But if she had been a Muslim student, named Saad Saadi; and, was at another Pennsylvania university, all would be forgotten.

This chick goes to a party, dressed as a Virginia Tech student, and people are pissed. A swarthy Mediterranean type goes to a party dressed as a suicide bomber and he gets his picture taken with the president of the university.

The fact remains that if someone chooses to go to a costume party dressed as a minstrel singer (complete with black face), or as a Nazi, people will be screaming from the rooftops for their heads. The world has gone absolutely bugfuck crazy, and has lost all sense of decorum.

Either anything goes, costume-wise; or, we proscribe displays of free speech.

The principal difference between the hot chick and the suicide bomber is that the president of Penn State was smart enough to stay the fuck away from her (and any cameras that might have been in the room). I didn't fault Saad for his costume, I faulted President Gutmann for being such a fucktard.

Maybe the other difference is that the elites in the media were more likely to have gone to UPenn than to Penn State, so they are just a little willing to look the other way.

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