Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Senator Hillary! (D-NY) came out swinging, suggesting that Senator B. Hussein Obama (D-IL) has "...too little experience and...too much ambition."

Isn't that the proverbial pot calling the kettle...um...black?

The funny thing is that neither Clinton, nor Obama, have any experience as a chief executive (notwithstanding Hillary!'s stint as co-president). Neither possess a record, to speak of. Neither has distinguished themselves by anything other than their endorsements (Oprah, Barbra, David, and Rob). They both, however, possess an assload of ambition.

And, my friends, ambition is no basis for electing someone, anyone, to any office.

Frankly, I find Hillary! to be too divisive (you think GWB has divided this nation?) and too poll-driven, to be an effective president. And, she's already said that she is sending her husband, the only elected president to be impeached, off on an ambassadorial mission (where he, no doubt, will be getting more ass than a toilet seat), so she loses an effective advisor.

B. Hussein Obama, on the other hand, has no fucking clue. He did nothing as a state senator (from Hillary!'s Illinois); and, he has done nothing as a US Senator (which might, in fact, be a blessing).

So, with fewer than 70 days until the first caucus, expect the shit to fly.

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