Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Power Of Prayer...

I was chatting with my friend, J, this morning. He asked me what I thought about the Briton who went to prison for naming a bear Mohammed. I told him that I thought that it was absolutely insane that naming a Teddy Bear "Mohammed" was considered an insult, especially in light of the fact that these same sword-wielding camel-humpers think that it is an honour to the Prophet to name your future suicide bomber Mohammed.

J proceeded to tell me about his multi-cultural moment, at a local parking garage, where the attendant had strolled over to a handicapped space to pray.

J and his son, walking to the stairs from their car saw the gent spread out his prayer rug, after confirming that it was facing Mecca. ("Get-a, get-a, get-a Garmin.) They stopped, watching him prostrate himself, then listening to his prayers.

After a moment, J's son said, "Dad, I hope that fuckin' carpet doesn't take off on him."

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Anonymous said...

that's bad. hilarious, but bad