Sunday, December 23, 2007


In a recent revelation, it was learned that the grisly deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were not hits by Colombian drug lords; but, rather, an honour killing by a convert to the so-called "Religion of Peace."

That's his story, and he's sticking to it. Or, it should be his story.

It seems that the religion, whose fanatics we are battling in The War Against Terror, love to mistreat women, because they are...well...women. (In a side note, former President Clinton is trying to prove that someone...anyone...banged Hillary! Then, he could have her killed, to preserve the honour of the only elected US President to be impeached. After all, he feels right at home in the Muslim world, so moving to Dubai would be A-OK with him.)

If your daughter goes out without her hijab, strangle her. If your son fucks a girl from another tribe, someone gets to gang-rape his sister. Leave your husband because he beats the shit out of you, kill her for causing shame. After all, we need to protect the honour of the family. Strangely, though, fucking a goat (or a camel)--or blowing yourself to bits--doesn't seem to cause all that many problems for you or your family.

Strangely, however, there are folks that don't have a problem with this, mainly because they don't want to impose their morality on anyone. They don't want a backwards-thinking religion to feel like there is anything wrong with wanting to mistreat Christians and Jews, gang-rape or stone women, or live in the ninth century.

So, if OJ wants to get right with Allah
, then he should say that he converted to Islam. Everyone would accept that. Jail-house conversion, and all. Then, he could come out with the truth. He killed Nicole because she was with Ron, on her porch, without her hijab. And, since she was uncovered, and he was a Jew, the killing gets the imprimatur of the Mullahs.

My advice for MOJhammed: Pack your shit--including your sticks--and move to Tehran. You would be a fucking god. They might even get your Heisman Trophy back.


ERS said...

I am not a cultural/moral relativist but a proponent of universal human rights. There is no excuse for "honor" killing. None.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

The Lifeguard said...

I am appalled that there are honour killings. I am appalled that in the Muslim world, women are mistreated, in the name of Allah. They can't drive, can't go to school, can't work.

I am disgusted that Saddam Hussein's rape rooms are glossed over by those who scream that he didn't have WMDs.

Fuck the WMDs. The fact that we removed a murderous dictator (in accordance with US law, I might add) should be enough reason for every single civilised person in the world to stand and cheer.

As for OJ, I like that I can illustrate the backwardness of Islam with a character that we all know

That is to say, if OJ were a Muslim, Sharia law would excuse that he murdered his ex-wife because she had not covered her head/because she was on the porch with Ron/because she had sex with men.

Think about it: One thing that was a boon to India was the end of suttee. When women gained more rights, and the country moved into the realm of Western Civilisation, the country became a country taken seriously by the rest of the world.

The Lifeguard said...

I realise that was a rather disjointed response to Ms. Sheeley's comment.

I agree with her. No excuses for honour killings.

Also, no excuses for suicide bombings, wanting to kill Jews, wanting to kill Christians, or any other nonsense.

I am willing to tolerate and respect other civilisations and long as they show me the same courtesy.