Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Boston Red Sox, my favourite baseball team, just completed a three-game breakdown against the Evil Empire (a/k/a The New York Yankees).

Thanks to thoughtful pitch selection by Jorge Posada--and excellent pitch delivery by the elderly Roger Clemens--the Boston Red Sox were stymied, allowing the 7,000-time Cy Young Award winner to carry a no-hitter into the sixth. Clemens threw an uncharacteristic 98 pitches, and moved to 6-5 on the season, as the Yankees won the second game of the series, 4-3.

Then, in the final game of the series, an afternoon interlude--the way baseball is meant to be enjoyed--Chien-Ming Wang took his no-hitter into the seventh, before he was pulled by Yankees' manager, Joe Torre. The Yankees went on to win by a 5-0 margin, allowing them to pull within five (that's 5) games of the Sox.

Sort of like the Summer of '78, all over again.

Except, instead of Bucky Fucking Dent, we have Roger Fucking Clemens (7,000-time Cy Young Award Winner and AARP Member) and Chien-Ming Fucking Wang. And A-Rod.

I would have much rather the headline been "Ortiz, Sox Beat Wang."

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Anonymous said...

Wang wins last night.

You can't beat the Wang.