Sunday, August 05, 2007


The irony was delicious.

Kevin Bae, the Vice President (no shit! President of Vice) of KM Communications, Inc., requested...and received...KWTF and KUNT as call letters of two television stations. The former, in Arizona; the latter, in Maui, Hawaii.

The FCC granted the request, since the assignment of call letters is computerised. (Nudge, nudge, wink.)

In reality, someone at the FCC saw the request and said, "What the fuck?!?" Then, that person said, "Sure, I have deniability. It'll be funny. And, most importantly, I have deniability."

KUNT's slogan could be, "Kan't Understand Normal Television? Watch KUNT."

KWTF's could be, "Where Television Flows!"

Frankly, I think Bae should grow some balls and tell the FCC that he intends to keep the call letters for his company. And, that only someone with a dirty mind, or too much time on their hands, would object.


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