Monday, August 06, 2007

I met them at a bar. They were doing shots of tequila. It devolved into something ugly. Body shots off of the shoulders, off of the thighs, off of me.

After they had downed eight or nine shots, the two blondes, in unison, began telling me about how they liked to screw people. "At home. In the car. In the office. Front door, back door, clothed, naked, sitting, standing, your place, my place. We love to screw men. We have been doing it since we got out of college."

My eyes grew wide. My jaw dropped.

"No shit?" I said.

"I can't believe that you two are lawyers. What firm are you with?"


Anonymous said...

hahah. i wonder who told you that joke...?

The Lifeguard said...

It's actually a true story.

You can trust me. I am not like all the others.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pullllllllllleezzze!