Tuesday, August 14, 2007

He's Baaack! And He's $20m Richer...
Asshat radio personality, Don Imus, settled his wrongful termination suit for $20m today, paving the way for his return to commercial radio. And, I am sure that there will be plenty of advertisers willing to plunk down the cash to be a part of his triumphant return to the airwaves.

As I have said before, he's an idiot, but he is free to say stupid things, in an effort to be funny.

So, welcome back, Don. Maybe you can offend someone else next time around, get fired, and parlay that into another $20m windfall.

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The Lifeguard said...

I noticed that one of the Rutgers Five has filed a lawsuit against the I-Man.

Imus settles his case for $20m.

She sues.


I think not.