Saturday, April 07, 2007


In World War I, when the Brits were confronted by overwhelming German military might (and French troops offering, the Brits dug in (literally) and hung on for dear life, grinding, parrying, thrusting, until the cavalry (in the form of Bad Ass Black Jack Pershing) arrived. The Tommies never lost faith, and they fought and died to defeat the Hun.

In World War II, when the Brits were confronted by overwhelming Nazi military might, the Brits, lifted by Prime Minister, Winston Churchill's courage and resolve, the Brits escaped from Dunkirk, won the Battle of Britain, and hung on long enough for the cavalry (in the form of Bad Ass General George Patton and Super Bad Ass General Dwight David Eisenhower) to arrive. Once more, the French (for the Brits) and the Italians (for the Hun) were completely ineffectual militarily (although Italian military uniforms were pretty spectacular looking). The Tommies helped to crush the Axis, and got an assist in the Saving Western Civilisation column.

When a South American nation, Argentina, fucked with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, taking some islands populated by sheep and penguins, the Royal Navy steamed ten thousand miles, shot down a bunch of Argentinian air superiority fighters with attack aircraft (granted, the Argies were flying French planes, but it was still pretty amazing), sunk a ship or two, and restored the faith of the world in the British Bulldog.

When a smelly, goat-fucking group of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy (what kind of a name is that?) menaced the Royal Navy in 2007, the Royal Navy...surrendered. Not wanting to start a diplomatic incident, these pussies starred in one. Instead of hosing the towel heads down with Willie Pete, they had tea and crumpets, apologised for being in Iranian waters (when they were not) and took goody bags home with them. They probably also bought teddy bears and candy for their loved ones back at home.

It amazes me that there is such an uproar about the treatment of terrorists (read, enemy combatants) by the West. These are folks not entitled to protection under the Geneva Conventions, and yet, we have to treat them if they were uniformed soldiers fighting under the flag of a specific signatory nation. When they kidnap personnel entitled to the protections of the Geneva Convention, and provide none of them, the response from the West should not be sunshine and puppies, it should be six and a half tonnes of fire and steel, delivered on-time, on-target, rain or shine.

Instead, people like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Rosie O'Donnell demand that the US (and UK) treat these animals like we wish to be treated. Yeah, that worked out well for McCain back in the Hanoi Hilton.

And, the cavalry arrived, in the form of a US Carrier Battle Group. Hell, Iran could be a smouldering ruin right now, if we were willing to walk the walk.

But, instead, we let an ass load of Neville Chamberlains, George McGoverns, and John Kerrys (I voted for the war before I voted against the war; but, well after I threw someone else's medals over the fence; and, after I married a really rich widow) make military decisions.

It amazes me that these guys (and girl) went docilely into custody, like lambs to the slaughter. They are trained, they could have fought back. At the very least, they could have not allowed themselves to be tools. And back at home, the Brits, in the main, say that these guys did the right thing. No wonder the Islamofascists are emboldened.

Everyone is afraid to stand up to this douche bag, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he does not have nuclear weapons. What are they going to do when he does?

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