Saturday, April 21, 2007

American Idle

To paraphrase Hedley Lamarr (portrayed wonderfully by Harvey Korman, in Blazing Saddles), American Idol is the popular reality show watched by nimrods, numb-nuts, dim bulbs, dimwits, half-wits, fuck-wits, shit-wits, asshats, assbags, assholes, asswads, shitwads, fuckwads, retards, fucktards, shit-kickers, ass-lickers, and Episcopalians...and me, once or twice (but only when I want to watch a washed-up, liquored-up, pop star, a barely literate black guy, and a laser-tongued Englishman).

The point, Sanjaya Malakar has left the building.

But, no doubt, he'll be back.

Bring me the ice pick to stick in my ears.

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