Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It Could Be Worse...
You could be Amanda Knox, with all of your money in a Cypriot bank.

Yeah.  It's Speedos!

  • American femme fatale, Amanda Knox, had her heart stop when she learned that Italian law doesn't contemplate double jeopardy.  The Italian prosecutors will get another shot at Amanda Knox (and her less-hot Italian boyfriend), following an appellate court's grant of a new trial. 
  • The trial will happen, in absentia, because the United States will not likely extradite her.
  • Don't you think that Marcia Clark is wishing that O.J. Simpson had killed Nicole in Italy?
  • The First Family is off to the Bahamas.  For a vacation.  The Lifeguard is grateful that President Obama is going to get to spend some time away from Washington, especially since he has been working so hard.  And, everyone deserves a vacation every month or so.
  • The Lifeguard thinks that a more meaningful Spring Break for his family would be to have the girls (and their friends) give tours of the White House. 
  • POLITICO reporter Lois Romano called the CEO of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, "a tired old white guy...."  Would there be outrage if someone called President Obama "a well-spoken black guy"?  Why is it okay to bad-mouth someone who is interested in protecting a real Constitutional right?  (And, if the Framers are to be believed, the second most important Constitutional right.)
  • Banks wrote down $3 billion in student loan debt in the first two months of 2013.  This is a problem, right?  
  • Is The Lifeguard the only one who thinks that another bubble is about to burst?  Easy student loan money, coupled with outrageously high tuition and a soft job market are stressing the system to the breaking point; and, with the value of an undergraduate degree declining, the problem seems as though it can only get worse.
  • Maybe those unemployed students could get a job driving a limousine for the vice president.  (The Lifeguard hears that he's paying $321,665.00 to cart his staff around for a day.)
  • Putting your money in Eurozone banks might be a bad idea, since raiding banks to save the Euro has worked so well in Cyprus.
  • Did more than one person think about Miley Cyrus when reading the stories about banks in Cyprus?
  • An Irish town legalizes drinking and driving.  The Lifeguard is contemplating a move.
That's all for now, y'all.

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