Sunday, August 05, 2012

London Journal, Part Deux

Another day, another buttload of shitty Olympic coverage by NBC.  In fact, as far as The Lifeguard is concerned, NBC doesn't mean "National Broadcasting Corporation," it stands for "Nobody Bloody Cares!"

  • Bob Costas sucks.  He should retire.  The only bright spot is that with Costas getting the big dough for his sappy human interest shit, there is no way that NBC would hire Tim McCarver and Joe Buck.
  • Did The Lifeguard mention that he thinks that Bob Costas sucks?
  • Darya Klishina (pictured above), is a super-hot  She's, and in contention for Olympic gold in whatever event in which she competes.
  • The Chinese badminton team won a gold medal in women's doubles.  Unfortunately, Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang (who were disqualified for tanking a match in group play, and who are now on their way to Outer Mongolia for bringing shame and dishonour to China), brought the wrong kind of publicity to this sport.
  • An Indian chick won the bronze medal in badminton, to become the second Indian chick to win an Olympic medal.
  • In badminton, which is the most commonly misspelled sport in the Olympics, the players whack around a shuttlecock with racquets.  Shuttlecock.
  • There is such a sport as Male Synchronised Diving.  This is only slightly more ridiculous than Female Synchronised Diving.
  • Ryan Lochte is a real class act.
That's all, y'all.  You have no idea how difficult it is to comment on the shitty Olympic coverage when you don't ever turn on the television.

Now, where's Darya's telephone number?

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