Sunday, March 09, 2008

Oops, I Did It Again...

Maverick Senator John S. McCain Pisses Off The MIC*

In an effort to show what a swell guy he was, and to show that he was not a tool of the Republican Party, Senator McCain helped scuttle a tanker lease deal that would have given Boeing a sweet $35 billion contract, whose impact would have been felt in forty or so states.

McCain, who helped "save the taxpayers" some $6 billion dollars by blowing up the original deal, is now being criticised for potentially costing the nation tens of thousands of jobs across the United States. The good news, however, is that he insured that EADS-Northrop will likely get the contract to build the next-generation USAF tanker. And, to his defence, that contract will support about 25,000 related jobs; but, it still amounts farming out construction of the new tanker to...France.

For McCain, this is a tremendous cudgel for the Democrat Party to use against him. And, the fact that he might have saved $6 billion in 2004 is like a teacup in Lake Michigan when it comes to job losses today.

As McCain-Feingold caused bigger problems than it was meant to solve, so did bringing down Boeing. It is like getting turpentine with a spoonful of sugar--the cure is worse than the disease.

*Military Industrial Complex

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