Saturday, March 15, 2008

Animal House II

Life With Howie

Now I know why former Vermont Governor, Howard Dean, MD, let out a scream at an Iowa campaign rally back in 2004. He had an epiphany. That sort of awakening that has supremely religious implications. He realised that the leadership of the Democrat Party was a group of like-minded tools who, while racially diverse, were just plain stupid.

That scream ended the media's love affair with Governor Dean; but, he did take over as Chairman of the Democrat National Committee.

And now, he is faced with a huge dilemma.

Florida and Michigan, two states with a combined population of twenty-seven million, moved the date of their primaries, in hopes that they would ensure their relevance in what was already being projected to be a runaway win for the inevitable Hillary!. After all, Florida and Michigan are a microcosm of America--black and white (and brown), rich and poor, young and old--and as such, their voting patterns would seem to have some relevance to how the general election might go down come November.

The DNC told the state parties that, if they moved their primaries, their delegates would not be seated. All of the Democrat candidates pledged to avoid Florida and Michigan; and, all of them for Hillary!. And, Hillary! won, going away. Seating the delegates narrows the gap between Senators Obama and Hillary!; and, gives her serious street cred when it comes to her making her case to the Super Delegates.

Now, the race continues, with neither Senator Obama nor Senator Clinton willing to give any quarter. Senator Obama has won more states. Senator Clinton has won the big states.

Senator Obama says, "have a do-over." He is certain that his momentum will cause him to win in the two primaries.

Hillary! is opposed, fearing that the voters will vote for Obama, and not her. She wants all of the Michigan and Florida delegates seated. And, when faced with the question of why she didn't play by the DNC rules regarding campaigning in the two states, she responds, as Otter did:

"You fucked up--you trusted us."

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