Saturday, October 13, 2007

Equality? Hah!

Josh Drimmer, 26, went for a stroll, in the nude, in Times Square. People were amazed and when he was caught, he was taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation. And, I really like the fact that a cop asked the buck-naked Drimmer if he had any ID on him. (Nice touch, officer. However, I'd advise you to wear some gloves if he comes up with anything.)

I thought of this story as I stood in the local doughnut shop this morning, behind a woman in her pajama bottoms and a plain white T-shirt.

All of the men in the shop were dressed, she was in her jammies. Men would be arrested for less. Women get away with it. (And I am glad. I don't want to see men, in public, in jammies.)

So, let's recap: Naked man* in Times Square goes to Bellevue. Man in jammies in Dunkin' Donuts has scorn and ridicule heaped upon him. Woman in jammies becomes the subject of this blawg.

Nice. Very nice.

*The naked man went to Yale. As in "Yale University." As in Ivy League college. As in, "I can not believe that my parents spent so fucking much money to send me to university with idiots who walk naked in Times Square." And, for the record, if another famous Yale alumna--Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) went for a naked stroll in Times Square, I'd check into Bellevue.


dawne said...

Okay, now that made me laugh so hard I cried!

The Lifeguard said...

I remember a night on the town in Boston. At midnight, about 50 naked bicyclists--both men and women--went screaming down Boylston Street, howling as they passed. I contemplated the inherent risks to both sexes from sitting on really hard, narrow seats. Then, I went back to drinking.

Oh, and contemplating naked women on bicycles.

dawne said...

Almost the same situation for me. Third car back from the light at a major intersection in the middle of the city,light changes and we don't move,I see 50-70 riders all as naked as the day they were born except for their helmets(which are mandatory here, wouldn't want to break the law)stream past. Two thoughts came to mind, the first being OUCH and the second was "good on ya".

Funny thing to see in the middle of the day. Turns out it was an annual protest ride in honour of "Earth Day".