Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Deer Fared Better Than The Rockies...

Josh Beckett may look retarded with his goofy facial hair, but that cat can throw. As the Sox roll into the bottom of the sixth, leading 13-1, I wanted to find at least one picture that summed up the beat-down the Sox laid on the Rox.

I eschewed a wide range of photos before I found this bad boy.

And it reminded me of one of the great lines from My Cousin Vinny, when Ms. Mona Lisa Vito talks about deer hunting. And, I thought of the Rockies.

"You are a batter, coming to the plate. Then, blam!, Josh Beckett blows your fuckin' head off with a 96 mile per hour fastball. Do you care what sort of goofy-ass facial hair he has?"

Go Sox! Beat the Rox!

Ed. Note: One deer and something like nine Rockies batsmen were mowed down to write this post.


dawne said...

Yes, the deer only had to die once. The Rox may have to face that same painful fate over and over again. Go Sox!

The Lifeguard said...

The Sox sweep.

The dynasty begins again!