Wednesday, October 10, 2007


That is because the twin towers of the World Trade Center were not available.

The Empire State Building will be lit with green lights to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Eid (Holy shit! I just realised that Eid is an anagram of "DIE."), which marks the end of Ramadan.

Frankly, I believe in religious freedom; but, I have a hard time celebrating a holiday important to the religion that is trying to kill us, destroy Western Civilisation, and create an Islamic Caliphate complete with Sharia Law. I have an even harder time accepting this given that the adherents of the Religion of Peace flew two planes into two buildings just down the street. Are they lighting it green to make it easier to see?

Ahmed: "We just received the word. Once Ramadan ends, we are to blow up the building that will be lit in green."

Mohammed: "The infidel would never be so stupid. Hey! There it is!"

This is even harder to take on the day that the Islamic world's biggest cheerleader, former President Jimmy Carter, called President Bush a liar, said that America tortures terror suspects, and has a disastrous foreign policy.

Thanks to the One-Term Wonder, we have live in a world with less peace, more hate, and Muslims that want to kill us (and are willing to die trying, if only for the seventy-two Virginians).
And, by the by, if President Bush were as bad as Mr. Carter thinks he is, then the President would prosecute Mr. Carter for sedition for his embarrassing comments.

Oh, and he'd get the property managers for the Empire State Building, too.

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