Sunday, March 11, 2007

Political Compared to Whom?

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has called upon Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign because he has trampled on the civil rights of terrorists (and those suspected of terrorism), and because he has been a very political Attorney General.* He sought, and got, information using (legal) security letters, which are (legal) special warrants obtained without judicial approval. And, which are totally legal.

Senator Schumer also noted that Gonzales had opined that water-boarding and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were approved methods of interrogation; and, therefore, that he had no regard for the civil rights of terror suspects. Yikes.

It is not like he tapped the phones of leaders, and tried to put people in compromising situations, so that they would get divorced and lose credibility with their followers. No, that would have been liberal icon, Robert Kennedy (who waged a brutal campaign against the Reverend Martin Luther King).

Maybe Gonzales should resign because, by Democrat standards, he is a piker.

Now, I am not one to want a more intrusive government. Hell, the government is already putting its tentacles in every aspect of my daily life. But, frankly, I am not concerned in the least that the government, in an effort to stop another 9/11, gets information on sweaty, smelly people who are a visible risk to the safety and security of this great nation.

As an aside, I was reading about a chap who blew himself up in an internet cafe because the proprietor's son had blocked his access to terror websites.,2933,258248,00.html

I can only imagine the uproar if something like that happened here in the United States, and the outrage of the people when they learned that the Attorney General (or law enforcement in general) had not used every tool at their disposal to unearth these plots.

So, to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, I tip my hat. Job well done.

*Duh! The AG is appointed by the president, and is, as such, a political appointment. Sort of like appointing your brother as AG.

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