Saturday, March 03, 2007


Now we learn that the fuckwitted former Veep (and Oscar-winning fathead) uses more energy per annum than some small African countries, all the while hectoring the working men and women of the United States about becoming "carbon neutral." The Tennessee Center for Policy Research notes that the Honourable Al Gore's Belle Meade Mansion uses more energy than the average American uses in a year.

What an assbag.

In fact, I think that using the descriptive "assbag" might be unkind to assbags everywhere.

Really, what does this guy know about science, or global warming. He was a career politician, now he is an actor (in the same way that, say, Brad Pitt is an actor). I am amazed that some people, no, a lot of people, think that once an actor wins an Oscar, their word on their character's subject becomes gospel.

Last I checked, Gore had mediocre grades in college, dropped out of graduate school with poor grades, and was a journalist in Viet Nam. No where in his CV did I see any mention that he was a climatologist (or a cosmotologist). His theories have been criticised here, and in the Jury Pool.

The point is, why do we think that actors, or politicians, know more about a topic than, say, scientists, just because they played a role in a movie. What, are we stupid?

Wait, don't answer that.

As I sit here, in 6 degree (feels like 17 below) Massachusetts, I think to myself that I could use a little global warming right about now.


I note, as an aside, that the picture above was taken from the International Space Station, using the Leica Ego-Cam. It photographs the ego of the person, really. Most people look like ants, or in the case of John Edwards, a gerbil. But Algore, he is huge. Even the Great Wall of China doesn't show up like this.

Now, if they had used the Talent-Cam....

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Rob said...

And now we learn that this gasbag is one of the biggest polluters in the State of Tennessee.

What an asshat.