Thursday, December 06, 2012


President Obama Shows Off The Quality Healthcare Available Under The Affordable Care Act
In an effort to further fuck up the American economy, the IRS finalizes a new tax for medical devices.  (It might not be so bad if the regulatory costs didn't add billions, already.)

In true Washington fashion, the tax probably costs more to collect than it will raise.  The tax on sutures, knee replacement implants, and the like, will bring in an estimated $29 billion over ten years.  That's $2.9 billion a year for ten years.  Congress tips that, for hell's sake.

As President Ronald Reagan noted, corporations don't pay taxes.  (Because they pass the taxes on to the consumer.)  In this case, the tax is to help pay for ObamaCare, so as the medical implant manufacturers pass on the costs to the consumer, the ultimate payer will be the taxpayer.

Thank Christ contraception is covered under ObamaCare, 'cause we are going to get fucked.  Over and over again.


Darrell Jones said...
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Christopher King said...

Thought you might get a kick out of this.
Delete all of that first post my brother.

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